Hello! My name is Jasper, I am a southerner living in the North of the UK with my fiancé.

I have an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology so I have a medical background, which has really helped with understanding the complexity of my own and others conditions when applying for PIP and other disability support that is available in the UK.


My main condition is hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome; this means I am a full-time wheelchair user (I am very prone to self-customising of my chair, Ffion!) and I am also deaf - both of which I blog about to give more awareness to my conditions.


Since being a wheelchair user, I realised that so many businesses did not give access information and as I was unable to phone and most places did not have an email, it was a case of turning up in the hope that I could get into places. However, often this has not been the case! I started creating blogs to combat this issue so other disabled people can see beforehand the accessibility of different venues.


I also blog about disabled representation in the media and run PIP consultations to help people with their benefits claims, as I know first-hand how stressful this can be. Although there are a few places that do help with filling out forms, that is usually the extent and often do not understand the added anxiety when trying to decide whether to disclose your gender identity/sexuality.

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