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Meet The Team

Jasper Williams (sign name: 'badger')

Pronouns: he/him

Founder, Disability Benefits Adviser and Community Trainer

Jasper founded WheelieQueer in 2021. He supports Deaf and disabled people with their disability benefits and provides LGBT+ inclusion training.


Being profoundly Deaf, autistic, and having hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Jasper is well-accustomed to how stressful the benefits system can be, on a personal level. Jasper also has an MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology providing him with a medical background, which has helped to understand different conditions (including his own) and the medical jargon used when applying for disability benefits available in the UK and Ireland.

​ He is a wheelchair user (prone to customising his chair, Ffion!) and communicates through spoken English and British Sign Language.  

blue badge pic.jpg

Vasilisa (sign name: Icelandic sign for 'pocket')

Pronouns: she/her

Content and Social Media Specialist

Vasilisa is the Content and Social Media Specialist for WheelieQueer and is in charge of creating content for and monitoring the organisation's various social media platforms.


She is passionate about amplifying marginalised voices, mental health awareness, and disability awareness. Experiencing and living with OCD has given Vasilisa a deep understanding of what it can be like to sruggle with health, and just how much support, care, and compassion can be necessary to thrive in life.

Vasilisa also loves sharing and participating in creative practices such as hand stitching, pottery, film photography, poetry, and jazz singing. Possessing an MA in Creative Writing, she feels passionate about telling stories and connecting with readers/viewers on an emotional level. 


Vasilisa communicates through spoken English and can also speak Russian (along with a bit of spoken Icelandic and Icelandic Sign Language).

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Luna (sign name 'moon')

Pawsonal Assistant

Bengal x Mainecoon kitten Luna helps Jasper with many important roles that include:

  • Maintaining office schedule to ensure there's enough time for naps and play;

  • Helping to manage burnout and breaks by dutifully roaming across keyboards;

  • Helping with paperwork by curling up on the papers; and

  • Reducing stress with her heart-warming smile, love of cuddles and pets


Her interests include running off with crisp packets, stealing pens, befriending printers, and people-watching from window shelves.

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