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Our Resources

This page shows the most up-to-date resources and campaigns from WheelieQueer. It's a great opportunity to get involved with the latest important events, as well as using our resouces to campaign for change.



Dragon's Den Acu Seeds

Copy our template to complain to the BBC about the misinformation of a supposed cure for ME/CFS, based on no research or medical backing in a recent episode of Dragon's Den (Acu Seeds).  Many people and organisations have voiced concerns, it is time the BBC rectified this ill-informed segment. Download here


Spring Budget 2023

Download our resources to understand more about  the UK Government's Spring Budget 2023, what it means for the future of disability benefits, and how you might be affected. Our resources come in a variety of formats, including audio, BSL, captioned, Easy Read, and a simplified version. Read here

Man Signing


Benefit client policies

If you are an existing or prospective disability benefit client, have a look at our policies that cover social media, cancellations, and other important information. Read here


LGBT+ resources

Resources for LGBT+ people on a range of topics including coming out, reporting hate crime and being at risk of estrangment and homelessness. This is slowly being updated. Click here.



Disability Benefits and Work Impact survey

WheelieQueer are currently doing some work with Wellcome Collection into the impact of disability benefits and work. We are providing a range of accessible versions of our survey. This will become active soon. To find the survey link and accessible alternatives, click here.

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