Prosthetic Leg-


I am more than happy to offer my help while you go through your PIP claim, to try and make it as stress-free as possible!

Consultations will be via Zoom or Google Meet.

Prosthetic Leg-

If money is an issue, Services will be based on a pay what you can basis.


Initial consultation - free
Follow-up consultation - £5-10
Filling in PIP form - £10-20

Prep for PIP assessment - £5-10

Prep for mandatory reconsideration - £5-10
Prep for appeal claim - £5-10
Getting evidence for claim - free
Getting extension - free
Making a DWP complaint - free
Questions about PIP claim - free
Other advocacy support - tbc



Jasper was amazing during my PIP application process. All my questions were answered concisely and accurately. I felt so well supported and the additional knowledge of what evidence to send in, what to include in your answers and also what to expect from the assessment itself was invaluable and reduced my anxiety around the process. I was correctly awarded first time and I believe this was partly down to the support I received.


The support I was given was excellent. Very informed and I couldn’t have done it without Jasper. I had been through the process before where my PIP claim had been rejected despite being born with a life-long disability, so working with Jasper for this claim which was successful, was a massive help. It has made the world of difference for me. Jasper is wonderful to work with. He really knows his stuff!


Jasper was so kind and supportive throughout the process. He helped me understand what to include and what was relevant and made everything less daunting. Applying for PIP can be incredibly frustrating and confusing but Jasper made it easy.

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