Improving Access to LGBT+ D/deaf and Disabled People

A close up of a man pushing the right push rim of a manual wheelchair


I write blogs on d/Deaf and disabled issues, including:

  • interviews with d/Deaf and disabled activists;

  • reviewing TV & films with disabled (or lack thereof) representation;

  • current issues d/Deaf and disabled people are facing!

I blog in order to give awareness to my condition, improve disability representation in the media, and of course, the current issues d/Deaf and disabled people are facing - the hot topics! I do this in the hope to make lives easier for D/deaf and disabled people as often when looking online, that information is not readily available.​ I believe that access should be equal for everyone - all places should be accessible, on and off the screen!


I am not perfect, so if you can't access any of my content, please email me and I will adapt it as required!

Two white men are holding hands and walking on a beach. The man on the right has a prosthetic leg.


While you’re here on my site, take a look at some things I have to offer.

PIP (Personal Independent Payment) CONSULTATIONS

I offer help and consultations for PIP disability claims in the UK for anyone who is considering applying, whether you are working out whether you are eligible, or have your PIP renewal coming up.

If money is tight, don't worry! I offer a 'pay what you can' rate


I offer D/deaf and disability awareness training to both independent and corporate organisations. It can be difficult to know what as an organisation you can do to improve disability and D/deaf access - so I am there to help, whether it's Disability 101 for new staff, seeing what physical change need to be made, or more in-depth knowledge in order to effectively run events that are accessible

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Image by Christian Wiediger


Times available for consultation

Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat: 11am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed