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Disability Benefits and Work Impact survey

WheelieQueer and Wellcome Collection are running a survey and we need to hear from disabled freelancers who are in receipt of disability benefits in the UK. The survey explores themes that might impact or affect someone being able to work and be in receipt of disability benefits. We have created a survey, in different accessible formats. If you need a different format, please do get in touch. The main sections include:

  • About the survey, eligibility and consent;

  • Demographics;
  • Disability and care responsibilities;

  • Work and impact on work;

  • Claiming disability benefits and barriers;

  • Benefit gateway schemes; and

  • Solutions and beneficial support options.

To take part in the survey, click here.

New Deadline: July 18th, 2024.

Different Formats

Plain text and large print version - a Word document that explains the information as simply as possible, and highlights the key information.

Audio version - a video podcast of the survey questions in an audio format for those who prefer auditory information or find it easier than a written format.

BSL version - a video series of the information translated into British Sign Language (BSL) whose first language is BSL or find BSL easier to understand than information in spoken or written English.

Captioned version - a video series of the information spoken in English with closed captions for those who aren't fluent in BSL but struggle with audio/written formats.

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