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What's all this about?

Thank you for visiting my first post! Let me use this post to explain while we're all on COVID-19 lockdown why I started this blog. 

When it comes to representation, disabled and Deaf representation is pretty...lacking. I love seeing TV shows and films where disabled and Deaf actors have landed primary roles, it not only helps with visibility and awareness with the public, but also helps disabled and Deaf people feel less alone, especially if there is not much of a community near them.

I'm someone who has several chronic illnesses, and this means that most of conditions are rare in not just the no-one-knows-what-I'm-talking-about kind, but also the doctors-can't-help variety too. It took me almost 10 years after noticing symptoms that no doctor seemed to be able to properly explain that I got a diagnosis. The diagnosis only came about from research both my friend and I did, that led Google to spit something out, and made us go "a-ha!". So for anyone who's ever had to go through or is waiting for their own a-ha! moment, this is what I'm trying to help with, by posting about my daily life as a Deaf, disabled wheelchair user in the hope to spread awareness.

As a Deaf wheelchair user who regularly likes to go out and about, I’ve learnt over the years what features to look for, what legalisation there is for places that refuse access, and the places that I like to go. And that’s why I’m here. To share my continued knowledge on what places to go to, and where to avoid. Keep checking out this blog for a range of posts from opinion pieces to accessible reviews of the good and bad places to visit when you’re a deaf wheelchair user!

All the best,

Jasper x

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