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What's my Rating System?

When reviewing TV and films, I take into consideration 5 categories:

  1. Disability Representation - I look at whether there was a main disability storyline; if it was respectfully done or offensive; and whether there was any involvement from disabled actors or producers.

  2. Storyline - This is where I look at the plot of the TV/film; if it made any sense and was easy to follow; or whether it was boring, repetitive and anticipated.

  3. Likeability - I look at the level of enjoyment I got out of it; could I watch it again, would I recommend it, and how did it make me feel?

  4. Themes - These are the spiritual themes and ideas in the film or show; is there a moral of the story, does it inspire viewers, does it have originality?

  5. Performance - This is where I look at whether the actual quality of performance; did the characters make sense, how well it was acted, aspects of cinematography

Each category is scored out of 5 stars (0 being truly awful and 5 truly amazing), so that viewers can decide what factor/s are important to them for a show or film that they wish to see.

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